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How to pick the right private investigator?

No doubt you have also noticed that many of the firms you have researched claim to be “the best” or “the top.” The truth is, there is no “best” at everything. It comes down to finding the “right” firm for your specific case. Each firm has its unique strengths and should be selected only if those strengths align with the needs of your unique circumstances.


What to look for in a private investigator:


  • Is a licensed investigator
  • Proven Record of Accomplishment
  • Avoid High-Pressure Sales Techniques
  • Provide Price Transparency
  • Will explain their legal reach as private investigators
  • Search for reviews to see what people are saying


how to pick the best investigator

What is LRI’s specialization?

LRI has built a team of incredible investigators. Each with specific knowledge and experience in their area. LRI’s covers three main areas:


  • Domestic
  • Business
  • Legal


To be successful in any one of these areas requires strong field work, latest technology, and a vast trusted network to collect information.

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What is essential to a successful investigations?

A high level of emotional intelligence and professional judgment is key to the success of any investigation. This can only be obtained through years of experience and training. LRI brings a combined 38 years of law enforcement training and private investigations experience to bear on one goal: discovering the truth for our clients.


How can LRI help me?

Typically, people are faced with an emotional decision. This makes people unsure if they need a private investigator.


LRI goes beyond the problem and focuses on the desired outcome. We ask people to think about what result they are looking to accomplish. We then take this outcome and determine what it would take to get you the result you are looking for.


On numerous occasions, we have talked with individuals about why they DID NOT need an investigator. There were solutions that they could personally pursue for their desired outcome.


Let’s talk and see if you need an investigator. There is no charge for a consultation.