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Technology, knowledge, and experience are our tools.

At Lawrence Ryan Investigations, we pride ourselves on being a firm with proven detectives and investigators with over 40 years of experience. Our work is of the highest, most efficient caliber.


The job of a private investigator is not an easy one. We’re constantly training our team and getting the latest technology to ensure they’re ready to put their training into use. We want our detectives working as hard as possible and staying on top of the latest industry developments to be ready for any case.


Contact us to learn how we can help you obtain the answers you are looking for. Hire the best private investigator firm in Elmhurst to obtain the information you need.

Private Investigators FAQs:

What areas do you serve?

We are proud to be the leading investigative firm in Illinois. With 40 plus years of experience, our licensed investigators know the state of Illinois better than anyone. Additionally, we have a great division of labor and teamwork, allowing us to collect information across the entire United States and internationally quickly and effectively. Our Elmursts private investigators work out of our Oak Lawn office.


What types of cases do you manage?

Our team of investigators is equipped with tools and skills to help solve a variety of cases. Over the years, the most common cases our offices have handled are child custody, insurance fraud, divorce, missing person, background checks, etc. Each case is unique and teaches our team something new. Contact us for help with yours.


When are you available?

Investigations rarely follow business hours, which is why our team is available in real-time, on a 24/7 basis. Get the answers whenever you need them.


Why hire Lawrence Ryan Investigations?

Lawrence Ryan Investigation is the best-reviewed private detective and investigator firm in Chicago. Our team has the experience and tools needed and has backgrounds in multiple fields such as criminal defense, law enforcement, and corporate investigations. Our team of professionals is ready to handle any case. From individual to business cases and providing litigation support for law firms, with the knowledge, tools, and experience, each case will be handled efficiently and with the attention and professionalism required.

Experience and Professionalism

Our entire team of professionals is committed to providing the results needed for each case.


We’ve got the industry’s best expertise and leading technology at your back to tackle each case efficiently.


Whenever you need private detective services in Elmhurst or anywhere else in the United States, count on us to provide you with the support and results you need.


Contact our team of licensed investigators and let us know how we can help.

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Facts About Elmhurst, Illinois

Elmhurst is an incorporated village located in DuPage County, approximately 18 miles west of Chicago.
  • Elmhurst has a total area of 10,306 square miles
  • 47,260 people and 16,209 households
  • The median income for a household in Elmhurst is $118,609


Common Cases We Work in Elmhurst

Our investigations portfolio is diverse across all locations throughout Chicago, but in Elmhurst, we see a higher rate of these types of cases:


  • Background Checks
  • Asset Searches
  • Mobile and Computer Forensics
  • Divorce Investigations
  • Skip Trace (locate someone)
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Business Investigations
  • Obtaining phone number or other personal data


Though those types of investigations are common, we offer more services than those listed above. If you require something a little more custom, contact us to discuss your unique needs. Have the best Elmhurst private investigation firm working in your case.

In some situations, we´ve been able to achieve results in only a few hours. Every case is different and requires its analysis and investigative methods to obtain results. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can assist you.