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Diverse male teenagers bullying anonymous lady covering face with hands

The Critical Role of Private Investigators in Bullying Investigations

Bullying is a harmful behavior marked by an imbalance of power and intent to cause distress, manifesting in physical, verbal, or electronic forms. It significantly ...
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A Step by Step Guide on Reporting Financial Fraud

A Step by Step Guide on Reporting Financial Fraud

Financial fraud crimes are one of those things you hear about all the time but don’t think can happen to you. It’s a severe issue, ...
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Executive man being served by a process server

What is a Process Server and Why are They Important?

For 40 years, Lawrence Ryan Investigations has been offering a variety of investigation services, including missing persons, corporate investigations, asset searches, and background checks, among ...
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Serving Someone Papers

Why Do Lawyers Hire Private Investigators?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on January 17th, 2019, and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Many lawyers and ...
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How Protect Your Money in a Divorce

10 Tips on How to Protect Your Money in a Divorce

Divorces are emotional and complicated matters, and no one ever seems to be entirely prepared for them. However, protecting your money and assets in case ...
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How to Serve Papers To Someone You Can´r Find

How to Serve Papers to Someone You Can’t Find

When a plaintiff files legal action against a defendant, they must serve them a copy of the claim to notify them of the legal proceedings. ...
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Sweep for Bugs

How to Sweep for Bugs?

Tips To Help You Sweep For Bugs Without Expensive Technology Although we keep saying the life of a private investigator is not exactly what the ...
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Judge in a Divorce Case

What Information Is Considered By a Judge in a Divorce Case

Judges are a critical player in any divorce case. It’s vital to prepare yourself when appearing in court to present your case. Many times, a ...
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Divorce Investigations

3 Private Investigator Tools for Divorce Investigations

Learn All About Divorce Investigations With This Case Study Our company deals with many aspects of divorce investigations, so we have the resources to provide ...
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How Private Investigators Use GPS

How Private Investigators Use GPS Devices and Tracking

How Important Are GPS Devices For Private Investigators? The private investigation industry has been around since the 1800s, when Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton’s National ...
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Worker Compensarion Fraud

What is Workers Compensation Fraud

Private Investigators Uncover Worker’s Compensation Fraud Insurance fraud investigation is a common mission for private investigators. People get very creative when committing fraud, so private ...
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How To Skip Trace

How To Skip Trace Someone to Learn their Location

Learn How To Skip Trace Someone Are you looking for someone? Need a current, accurate address? What are your options, and do they work? If ...
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What is a Skip Trace

What is a skip trace and how are they used?

Article Summary Skip Traces What is a Skip Trace  What Skip Traces Involve What can a Skip Trace Find Background Checks What is a background ...
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Serving Papers

Serving Papers – 5 Ways We Can Get the Job Done For You

You’ve been SERVED! Relax. You’re not being sued, this was just to get your attention. But it doesn’t feel good thinking you have to defend yourself ...
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Process Server

What to Look for In a Legal Process Server

There are around 15,000 to 20,000 process servers in the United States, working full and part-time. And each of these servers charges anywhere between $20 to $80. ...
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Child custody laws

Your Guide to Child Custody Laws

Learn about child custody laws and your rights as a parent In the United States, about 13.4 million parents were taking care of approximately 22.1 million minor ...
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Private Investigating Firms

3 Ways Private Investigating Firms Help Attorneys

Learn what private investigators can do for attorneys. In 2017, attorneys nationwide processed over 300,000 cases. The crime rate continues to soar in many cities. ...
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Process Serving in Illinois

Process Serving In Illinois: What You Need To Know

Many people go out of their way to avoid being served legal documents. This is why it is important to hire a professional process server. ...
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Surveillance Laws In Illinois

What are the Surveillance Laws In Illinois?

For people who are unfamiliar with the nuances of the law, it can be shocking to see how difficult it is to prove something that’s ...
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Infidelity Surveillance

How Infidelity Surveillance Can Affect Your Divorce

How Infidelity Surveillance Can Affect Your Divorce Case Are you going through a divorce and suspect your spouse is cheating? Divorces can be a tough ...
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Child Custody Investigations

What to Know About Child Custody Investigations

Divorce can be tough on the whole family, particularly your children. Splitting with your spouse likely causes you pain, but there’s nothing as painful as ...
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Divorce Causes

4 Divorce Causes You Wouldn’t Expect

Everyone knows a couple that seemed perfect but ended up getting divorced. Unfortunately, divorce statistics in the United States remain high. There are many reasons ...
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Secure Messaging Apps

Protect Your Privacy with these 4 Secure Messaging Apps

As we move towards the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, technology is constantly evolving. This is true for technology held by ...
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How to Keep Divorce Cost Low

5 Tips to Keep Your Divorce Cost Low

The emotional toll a separation and divorce takes on a family can be devastating. It can also place a huge amount of financial burden on ...
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Cyberstalking and Facebook Stalking

Is Facebook Stalking a Good Idea?

Few technological innovations have proven to be quite as revolutionary as social media. Now, people are no longer confined to communicating with those in their ...
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avoid being catfished

Avoid Being Catfished: How to Identify a Person’s Identity

Developing friendships and relationships online can be risky business. The effortlessness of creating social media handles, new email accounts, and dating profiles, makes it easier ...
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top divorce articles

Top Divorce Articles You Need to Read

Below is a curated list of top divorce articles to help you on your journey through what could be the most difficult part of your ...
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how a national asset search works

[Infographic] How Asset Searches Work

A common service we provide to an investigation is asset searches. People tend to have the same questions; how does it work and what can ...
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top chicago law conferences and events

Top Chicago Law Conferences & Events in 2017/2018

With the legal industry in constant flux, it’s critical to understand the latest changes and trends, and how to stay ahead of them. Attending the ...
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Law Firm Investigator provides these 50 Solutions

Behind every case is a person gathering relative information that gives a lawyer a competitive advantage. Many times that person is a law firm investigator, ...
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what to look in a process server company

Process Server Companies and What To Look For

Key points for reviewing process server companies. When you need to serve court papers on someone to appear in court, there are several options. The ...
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Keys to a Successful Investigation

3 Things That Result In A Successful Investigation

Before you hire a private investigator to help with your case, it is important that you know three things that will help in a successful ...
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