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Legal Process Server

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LRI’s servers are tenacious and effective. They will go where others won’t.

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What is a process server

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If you are in collections or a law firm, you probably already know what and how valuable a legal process server is.

For those that don’t know, here is a straight forward explanation.

The principal job of a process server is to “serve” legal documents to a person involved in a court case. An advantage of using a process server versus a normal person is the affidavit of service or proof of service they can provide.  There are guidelines a legal process server must follow which is dictated by each state.

Process Serving in Chicago, IL for 35+ years

LRI’s process servers are local investigators that know Chicago inside and out.

Who wants to be served? Typically no one.

Most people make an effort not to be served. Completely changing their lifestyle to avoid receiving your legal documents.

It takes a tenacious, creative, and even brave process server to get the job done.

LRI serving nationwide

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What to look for in a Process Serving Company?

Across the country there are many great process servers. What makes these companies stand out is their honesty, processes, and determination to get the job done.

We take pride in being honest, transparent, and fair with our services. Each legal process server at LRI has been trained to effectively serve papers so the job is done right the first time.

Licensed process server

35+ years process serving

Provide notarized affidavit of service

Able and willing to testify in court

We treat serving someone like an art.

Our reviews speak for themselves. If you need someone served, we make it happen.

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