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What is the service of process?

In the United States, the service of process is the delivery of a summons, complaint, or other legal papers to a defendant or respondent in a civil action. The person who delivers the papers is typically called a process server who, upon completion of document serving, needs to provide an affidavit of service, also known as proof of service.


The service of process is an important part of due process and ensures that all parties have notice of and an opportunity to respond to legal proceedings. In some cases, service of process may be accomplished by publication in a newspaper or other manner as authorized by law. When a defendant is personally served, he or she must be given a copy of the court papers and be told about the date, time, and location of a hearing.


In some jurisdictions and counties, personal service also requires the server to file a service certificate with the court. Service of process is generally required by law or rule in civil cases and is often mandated in criminal cases. Service of process must be distinguished from service of a writ or other court order.

How LRI helps Attorneys and Law Firms

Legal professionals trust LRI’s team of investigators to follow the legal procedure for key reasons:

Investigation services used by law firms

We take pride in creating deep partnerships with each of our law firm clients. LRI is a legitimate process server firm ready to assist in legal proceedings and provide proper service of process. Whether we are talking about matrimonial law actions, document retrievals, personal injury lawsuits, or civil lawsuits, our authorized process server is always ready to deliver that important legal document that can make or break a case.

Asset Search

Discover financial movements and relevant documents to locate private individuals.


Around-the-clock video and in-person surveillance.

GPS Tracking

Save time and money by tracking a vehicle with GPS.

Background Checks

Discover background information about a specific individual.

Include LRI in your legal action strategy

LRI’s legal investigators work efficiently to save you time and money and to assist in winning your lawsuit. Our professional process servers help you manage and deliver legal papers effectively and always on time. Whether you want to serve divorce papers or formal notice, you can be sure the process service will be followed to the letter while complying with the legal service required in the legal proceeding.