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A dome-shaped security camera mounted on a wall, angled downward for surveillance. The background shows part of a building structure.

Behind the Lens: Cutting-Edge Covert Surveillance Techniques

Covert surveillance is an essential tool for modern investigations, providing critical intelligence for a variety of cases, from fraud investigations to corporate espionage. With advancements ...
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A close-up of a hand holding a pen, signing a document labeled "adoption" on a wooden surface.

Adoption Private Investigator: Guiding Your Journey to Reconnection

Are you curious about how private investigators can be a pivotal part of the emotional journey of tracing biological families or verifying the details provided ...
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A businessman touching a digital interface to select a checklist icon, with multiple checklist icons floating around him.

A Look Back: How Far Back Do Employee Background Checks Go?

Background checks are a cornerstone of the hiring process, ensuring businesses make informed decisions about whom they welcome into their organizations. They help verify the ...
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A conceptual image of family law with wooden figures representing a family, a gavel, and scales of justice on a desk with a person in the background.

Protect Your Parental Rights: What Can Be Used Against You in a Custody Battle

In the emotionally charged landscape of family law, custody battles represent some of the most heart-wrenching and legally complex disputes. For every parent embroiled in ...
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A judge's gavel sits on top of an american flag.

Win Your Case: Private Investigator Trial Preparation Services

Getting ready for court proceedings is emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. While law firms are doing their best to represent clients in an adequate, consistent ...
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A man's hands holding a house and coins on a table.

The Impact of Divorce Investigations by Private Investigators

Divorce is not just a legal procedure; it’s a complex journey through emotional turmoil and legal intricacies that can deeply affect individuals and families. The ...
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Background Checks

Can You Search Public Records For Free? Exploring the Depths of Data

Public records, from criminal histories to marriage records, play a crucial role in background checks, legal processes, and personal research. Maintained by various levels of ...
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Gray Scale Photography of Macbook Iphone Notebook on Table

Know Your Professional Past: How to Find Your Work History

Understanding your work history isn’t just about recalling past jobs; it’s key to unlocking future career opportunities. Whether you’re a job seeker checking details for ...
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Couple arguing in bed

Recognizing the Signs of Infidelity

As societies evolve, the dynamics of relationships transform, yet the occurrence of cheating partners continues to challenge the fabric of marital and committed relationships. In ...
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Diverse male teenagers bullying anonymous lady covering face with hands

The Critical Role of Private Investigators in Bullying Investigations

Bullying is a harmful behavior marked by an imbalance of power and intent to cause distress, manifesting in physical, verbal, or electronic forms. It significantly ...
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Young Couple Talking Seriously

Understanding the Role of a Sexual Harassment and Abuse Investigator

Sexual harassment in the workplace remains a significant issue, with over one-third of the 90,000 charges received by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ...
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Businessman using laptop computer

Digital Dangers: The Critical Role of Electronic Harassment Investigators

The digital age has witnessed a significant rise in electronic harassment, with the proliferation of electronic devices and online interactions fueling activities like cyberstalking, unsolicited ...
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Worried Entrepreneur Young Man Working

How to Avoid Identity Theft with Proven Identity Theft Tactics

Identity theft has become an increasingly prevalent and sophisticated crime in recent years. According to a Javelin Strategy & Research report, 42 million people were ...
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Confident female legal consultant explaining document specific

Heirship Search: The Importance of Locating Missing Heirs

In a world where fortunes change hands and legacies are passed down through generations, the search for missing heirs stands as a testament to the ...
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Depressed Frustrated Asian Woman Blogger Suffering from Cyberbullying Haters Mockery via Smartphone

Unmasking Cyberbullies: A Private Investigator’s Guide to Prevention

In the vast digital landscape of the 21st century, cyberbullying has emerged as a pervasive and detrimental social issue. Cyberbullying refers to the deliberate use ...
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Male Hands Typing on a Wireless Computer Keyboard

Exploring Online Investigations in the Digital Age

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the role of a private investigator has transformed dramatically. Gone are the days of trench coats and magnifying glasses; ...
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Document in Archive

Understanding The Role of a PI: Can a Private Investigator Serve Papers?

In the labyrinth of legal procedures and courtroom dramas, there exists a lesser-known but indispensable aspect that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the due ...
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Record store, second hand vinyl records, hands searching

Finding the Best Public Records Search Sites

There are many legitimate reasons for an individual to perform a public record search. You might be concerned about your family’s well-being or want to ...
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person checking another's social media

How to Protect Yourself from a Stalker

Stalking has become an increasingly prevalent issue in recent years, affecting individuals of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. According to a report by the U.S. ...
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Public Record Search Engines

Evaluating the Legitimacy of Public Records Search

A public record search is a great starting point to assess whether it is safe to maintain a personal or business relationship. For example, before ...
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teenager sitting in a park during sunset

10 Effective Strategies to Find a Runaway Teenager

Did you know that around 9% of teens run away each year? There are many complex reasons why teens run away from home. The National ...
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man following a woman without her noticing

How to Catch a Stalker: Basic Safety Tips to Protect Yourself

Stalking is a frightening and invasive behavior that can cause significant distress and fear for the victim. Unfortunately, many people experience stalking at some point ...
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cold case solved

Solving the Unsolvable: The Challenges and Rewards of Cold Case Investigations

A cold case is a criminal investigation that remains unsolved for an extended period of time, often years or even decades. These cases can be ...
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How Workers' Compensation Investigations Work and What They Look For

How Workers’ Compensation Investigations Work and What They Look For

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that provides financial and medical benefits to employees who are injured or become ill due to their job. ...
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internet dating sites

6 Most Common Scams on Dating Sites and How to Avoid Them

Nowadays, people live hectic lives and don’t have enough time to find a partner for a romantic relationship. Many people find themselves busy with their ...
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Young couple cohabitating

How to Prove Cohabitation in Illinois: All You Need to Know

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the percentage of cohabitation has increased. Throughout the years, it has become more and more common ...
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Infringement Investigation

How Does a PI Conduct an Infringement Investigation

PIs can Help Businesses Conduct Infringement Investigations Infringement investigators usually focus on trademark and brand violations of a company. Finding evidence that proves infringements is ...
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How To Locate a Person

How to Locate a Person: A Real Investigation

Discover How To Locate An Individual Locating an individual is one of the most challenging missions a private investigator takes on. Especially when the individual ...
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How to find hidden surveillance cameras in an Airbnb rental?

How to find hidden surveillance cameras in an Airbnb rental?

More and more alarming reports regarding Airbnb hosts who have installed hidden cameras in their properties have surfaced recently. In March 2019, Andrew Barker and ...
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Cost Of Hiring A PI

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?: All the Details You Need

One of the first questions that follow when you decide to engage a private investigator is how much are private investigator fees. As you can ...
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catching a cheating spouse

How To Catch a Cheating Spouse Using Technology

Are you seeing behavioral signs of a cheating spouse, or do you suspect that your significant other is cheating but have no actual proof? What ...
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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Nanny

A Comprehensive Guide to Nanny Background Checks

Table of Contents What is a nanny background check? What information is included in a background check? What do you need to know before hiring ...
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Forensic Investigator

What Is a Digital Forensic Investigator And Can They Help You?

Being a digital forensic investigator doesn’t require you to be an eccentric cybersecurity genius. You don’t need to be a programmer or a hacker. It ...
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Listening device inside car

How to Find a Listening Bug in Your Car or Any Other Device

We live in an era where anyone has access to listening equipment and spy devices, such as spy cameras. Technology has made them available to ...
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browsing on mobile device

Best Options for a Cell Phone Records Investigations

Cell phone records are an extensive list that includes a person’s incoming and outgoing calls, usually accompanied by details such as the call’s duration and ...
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Hidden Cameras

How to Find Hidden Cameras

The chances of someone spying on you using hidden cameras are low. Despite reports on popular sites like The Atlantic, of people finding hidden cameras ...
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How Private Investigators Work

How Private Investigators Work

All You Need to Know About Private Investigators Any first encounter with a contemporary private investigator is never as thrilling as one might expect. This ...
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asset search investigation

Step-by-Step Case Study Of Asset Search Investigations

Does someone owe you money? Did you receive a judgment in your favor? Want to know if your new investor owns the assets they’re offering? ...
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Wife on the phone

Cheating Wife Surveillance: What Not to Do

Cheating spouses are sadly more common than you would think. According to Compare Camp, 20% of married couples in the United States have encountered infidelity. That number ...
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Man hugging father

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find Your Biological Father

Paternal absence is more common than you might think. According to The Fatherhood Organization, the United States is suffering an absentee father crisis. Over 18 ...
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Alimony Case

Steps for Proving Cohabitation to Stop Alimony

Divorce is not as simple as signing a legal document. This legal process leads to other sets of agreements, child support, legal responsibilities, and other ...
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Online Dating

How to Perform a Dating Background Check

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on July 12, 2018, and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. According to the ...
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Find out if your Spouse is on dating sites

Professional Insights: How Can I Find Out if My Partner is on a Dating Site?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 13th, 2018, and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Find Out if ...
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Private Investigator in a car taking pictures

Know What Can a Private Investigator Do and Not Do

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on May 15th, 2017, and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Private detectives’ and ...
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Child Custody Investigations

How Collecting Evidence for Child Custody Can Help You

A private investigator can play a pivotal role in a divorce case, especially if it involves a child custody battle. In these circumstances, people hire ...
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Types of Lawsuits

Types of Lawsuits and What It Means If You Take Part in One

Discover 7 Types of Lawsuits And What Your Involvement Means Lawsuits are a part of life. Nobody actually likes to be a part in a ...
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How To Know Someone Is Married or Divorced

How Can You Find Out if Someone is Married or Divorced: Top Insights

Discover If Someone Is Married Or Divorced With These Tips Love is indeed a matter of the heart but smart people always rely on their ...
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Social Media Investigations

What Are Social Media Investigations?

In the age of social media, when people choose to expose their lives on online social channels, they are providing vital data points for a ...
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Sweep for Bugs

Complete Guide on How to Sweep for Bugs

Tips To Help You Sweep For Bugs Without Expensive Technology Although we keep saying the life of a private investigator is not exactly what the ...
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Judge in a Divorce Case

What Information Is Considered By a Judge in a Divorce Case

Judges are a critical player in any divorce case. It’s vital to prepare yourself when appearing in court to present your case. Many times, a ...
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Divorce Investigations

Effective Divorce Investigations

Learn All About Divorce Investigations With This Case Study Our company deals with many aspects of divorce investigations, so we have the resources to provide ...
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How Private Investigators Use GPS

How Private Investigators Use GPS Devices and Tracking

How Important Are GPS Devices For Private Investigators? The private investigation industry has been around since the 1800s, when Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton’s National ...
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How To Skip Trace

How to Skip Trace Someone to Learn Their Location

Learn How To Skip Trace Someone Are you looking for someone? Need a current, accurate address? What are your options, and do they work? If ...
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What is a Skip Trace

What is a Skip Trace, and How Are They Used?

Article Summary Skip Traces What is a Skip Trace  What Skip Traces Involve What can a Skip Trace Find Background Checks What is a background ...
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New Partner is Legally Married

How to Find Out If Someone Is Married

You Can Find Out If Your New Partner Is Legally Married Finding out if someone is legally married is not as easy as it may ...
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Custody Battle

5 Custody Battle Tips for When Fighting Is Your Only Option

Are you about to enter into a messy custody battle? You’re not alone. About 40% – 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce which means ...
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hire a private investigator

5 Tips on How to Hire a Private Investigator

Do you have a sinking suspicion that your lover is cheating on you? Do you have a business partner who may not be completely honest ...
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How to Find Birth Parents

5 Tips on How to Find Birth Parents

Everyone loves a good origin story. In 2017, DNA ancestry tests exploded in popularity. Moreover, three million people are currently subscribed to the genealogy website, But for ...
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Child custody laws

Your Guide to Child Custody Laws

Learn about child custody laws and your rights as a parent In the United States, about 13.4 million parents were taking care of approximately 22.1 million minor ...
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When your husband cheats

How to Cope When Your Husband Cheats

Useful tips for dealing with a cheating husband If you suspect that your husband is cheating on you, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated ...
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travel during a custody dispute

Can You Take a Child Out of State During a Custody Battle? How to Handle It

Do you want to take your kids on vacation while still battling an ongoing legal battle with your ex? There are certain precautions you need ...
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Infidelity Surveillance

How Infidelity Surveillance Can Affect Your Divorce

How Infidelity Surveillance Can Affect Your Divorce Case Are you going through a divorce and suspect your spouse is cheating? Divorces can be a tough ...
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Child Custody Investigations

What to Know About Child Custody Investigations

Divorce can be tough on the whole family, particularly your children. Splitting with your spouse likely causes you pain, but there’s nothing as painful as ...
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Divorce Causes

4 Divorce Causes You Wouldn’t Expect

Everyone knows a couple that seemed perfect but ended up getting divorced. Unfortunately, divorce statistics in the United States remain high. There are many reasons ...
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Secure Messaging Apps

Top Secure Messaging Apps for Privacy Protection

As we move towards the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, technology is constantly evolving. This is true for technology held by ...
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How to Keep Divorce Cost Low

5 Tips to Keep Your Divorce Cost Low

The emotional toll a separation and divorce takes on a family can be devastating. It can also place a huge amount of financial burden on ...
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Tips on How To Find a Missing Person

How Technology Is Changing How to Find a Missing Person

The Transformative Effect of Technology on Investigations Technology has transformed practically every aspect of life from how we communicate with each other to the way ...
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How a Father Can Get Full Custody of his Child

How Can a Father Get Full Custody of His Child?

If you’re a man going through a divorce, you have a lot of things on your mind. Dividing up possessions and figuring out who gets ...
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Cyberstalking and Facebook Stalking

Understanding Facebook Stalking: A Beginner’s Guide

Few technological innovations have proven to be quite as revolutionary as social media. Now, people are no longer confined to communicating with those in their ...
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Single or divorced woman alone missing a boyfriend

How to Find an Estranged Spouse

While 90% of people in the US get married before the age of 50, about 50% of those marriages eventually fail. Marriages fail for a ...
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Woman catching his boyfriend who is using his mobile

What NOT to Do When Catching a Cheater

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you might feel the urge to do something. You’re not sure what you should do, how you ...
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How to catch a cheating husband

How to Identify Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, he probably is. This unfortunate truth can be chalked up to woman’s intuition or just following your gut, ...
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avoid being catfished

Expert Insights on How to Avoid Catfishing

Developing friendships and relationships online can be risky business. The effortlessness of creating social media handles, new email accounts, and dating profiles, makes it easier ...
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Using Social media in child custody cases

The Risks of Losing Custody Due to Social Media

Social media has changed the way that many people communicate, for better, or for worse. All too often, people use social media accounts to communicate ...
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phishing fraud email

Fast Facts: Phishing Fraud and How to Avoid Being Scammed

156 million. This is the number of phishing emails that are sent out every single day. Promising tech support, alerting customers of unusual sign-in activity, ...
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top divorce articles

Top Divorce Articles You Need to Read

Below is a curated list of top divorce articles to help you on your journey through what could be the most difficult part of your ...
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how a national asset search works

[Infographic] What Is an Asset Search?

A common service we provide to an investigation is asset searches. People tend to have the same questions; how does it work and what can ...
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protect your social media accounts

Critical Steps to Protect Yourself on Social Media

Follow these steps to protect your privacy on social media. What if someone hacked your Facebook, Twitter, or any of your social media accounts? The ...
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easy steps to protect your privacy

11 Easy Ways to Protect Your Privacy

The world has become a small village with all these interconnections, social media, and other new technologies that have made privacy become just a word. ...
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Win a Child Custody Case in Chicago

How to Win a Child Custody Battle in Chicago

Going through a separation is hard enough, let alone having to fight for custody of your children. Not only is it stressful for you, but ...
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how to find a missing person in chicago, ill

Best Way to Find a Missing Person

Let’s face it, Chicago is a HUGE city. According to Wikipedia, the entire Chicago area has over 9,500,000 people. Whether you live in Oak Lawn ...
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Keys to a Successful Investigation

3 Things That Result In A Successful Investigation

Before you hire a private investigator to help with your case, it is important that you know three things that will help in a successful ...
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3 Essentials to win a Custody Case

Custody Case: 3 Essentials to Winning

In a custody battle who usually wins? This is a common question when people start on their journey to win a custody case. Follow these ...
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