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Catching a cheater should not be a painful process. You need answers fast for the result you are looking for. Whether we are talking about an affair or any sign that indicates your partner or loved one is hiding things from you, concrete evidence is always better than simple suspicions and assumptions.

We provide reliable private investigation services to get you the circumstantial evidence you need to make an informed decision.

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Is Your Partner Cheating?

Statistics show that 30% to 60% of marriages experience infidelity at some point. This is a common issue in relationships, but its “popularity” doesn’t make it easier to accept it. Some of the most common signs of infidelity include suspicious phone habits, decreased affection levels, a lack of intimacy, or changes in grooming habits. And, of course, the sudden need for extra hours at work.


If you suspect your partner is unfaithful and want to hire a private detective to provide evidence of infidelity or, hopefully, to report back that your suspicions have no foundation in reality, hire one of our infidelity investigators.


Work with a professional investigator who knows how to handle such delicate matters and understands that cheating investigations need tact, discretion, and experience. If you are married, things get even more complicated. Opening a matrimonial investigation is often a difficult decision for the spouse who believes something is amiss with their partner.

How to catch a cheating husband

How to Catch a Cheater in Chicago, IL

When considering hiring an infidelity investigator, we ask that you consider your end goal. You must decide your next steps if the marital investigation proves that your suspicions were founded and you have an unfaithful spouse.


The information we provide can become admissible evidence of adultery. Are you ready to take this step? Or are you willing to try and fix your relationship despite marital infidelity and the evidence of wrongdoing resulting from the adultery investigation?


To catch a cheater could be as simple as placing a GPS on their vehicle to confirm their movement or it might require long periods of in-person covert surveillance. During your initial consultation with one of our infidelity private investigators, we will let you know what resources we have and what investigative services we can provide.

The key to evidence gathering and solving infidelity investigations is having the right tools and resources available. Without technology and capabilities to investigate, an investigation is doomed to failure. Our private investigators have conducted hundreds of infidelity investigations using a wide array of resources, including:


Both video and direct surveillance are available around the clock.

GPS Tracking

Save time and money using GPS to track vehicles.

Asset Search

Discover financial movements and hidden assets for successful spouse investigations.

Background Checks

Find background information about your partner with properly conducted background screening investigations.

Best Infidelity Investigator in Greater Chicago Land Area

For over 38 years, LRI has assisted individuals in gathering the evidence they need to catch a cheater. Every case is managed by a private investigator and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need divorce evidence or damaging evidence to base your child custody case, your LRI infidelity investigator will help you get to the bottom of things. Our service is available for the entire Chicago land area. In certain cases, our team can travel nationally to deliver evidence.

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Recent Case: We Will Be Honest and Direct

“I wasn’t sure if hiring an investigator was appropriate. I called Lawrence Ryan Investigations and they were super professional, open and honest with what they could help me with. It turned out I was not at a point I could use their help, and they were upfront about it. So when I do need their help, I will absolutely call them.”

– Jo A., Chicago, IL