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How to Catch a Cheater in Chicago, IL

Stats show that 30% to 60% of marriages experience infidelity. This is a common issue in relationships, and for some, it can be hard to accept. If you are suspicious and want to catch a cheating spouse or partner, an infidelity investigator can put any doubt to rest. It is important to find a private investigator that understands your goal.

When considering to hire an infidelity investigator, we ask that you think of your end goal. If we are able to prove that the person is being unfaithful, then what. The information we provide you should help you reach that goal. Maybe you want a divorce or simply confirm your suspicions.

To catch a cheater could be as simple as placing a GPS on their vehicle to confirm their movement or it might require long periods of in-person infidelity surveillance. When we speak, we will let you know can do and what a private investigator cannot do.

Key to any case is having the right tools and resources available. Without technology and capabilities to investigate, an investigation is doomed to failure. To catch a cheater, some of the solutions available to you are:


Both video and in-person surveillance available around the clock.

GPS Tracking

Save time and money by utilizing by tracking a vehicle with GPS.

Asset Search

Discover financial movements to help you locate an individual.

Background Checks

Discover background information about a specific individual.

Best Infidelity Investigator in Greater Chicago Land Area

For over 35 years, LRI has assisted individuals to gather the evidence they need to catch a cheater. Every case is managed by a private investigator and tailored to your specific needs. An infidelity investigator is available for the entire Chicago land area. In certain cases our team has even traveled nationally to deliver evidence.

  • Entire Area of Chicago, Illinois – 60601
  • North to Waukegan, Illinois – 60079
  • Northwest to McHenry, Illinois – 60050
  • West to Elgin, Illinois -60620
  • Southwest to Joliet, Illinois – 60431
  • South to Chicago Heights, Illinois – 60411
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Recent Case: We Will Be Honest and Direct

“I wasn’t sure if hiring an investigator was appropriate. I called Lawrence Ryan Investigations and they were super professional, open and honest with what they could help me with. It turned out I was not at a point I could use their help, and they were upfront about it. So when I do need their help, I will absolutely call them.”

– Jo A., Chicago, IL