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Investigation Support For Family Concerns

There is nothing more precious than family. When you fear for the safety or welfare of a family member, LRI can help you get the answers you need.
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Reasons for Requiring Private Investigations for Family Concerns

Even families with the tightest bonds can have issues or family concerns. Family members can struggle with different issues, such as alcohol abuse, substance abuse, or getting caught in the wrong entourage, and, as a parent or close relative, you can’t help but worry and try to help.

In situations where the welfare or safety of family members becomes a concern, and honesty is in short supply, a family private investigator can get the answers you need to keep your family safe and restore healthy family dynamics. Working with a professional investigator will help you:

  • Determine if an adult, child, or sibling is involved with drugs
  • Find out if someone in your family is associating with dangerous people
  • Determine if an adult, child, or sibling is involved with drugs
  • Uncover fraud or illicit activity in the family business

Lawrence Ryan Investigations works exclusively with qualified investigators and brings to bear its full complement of technology, coupled with the latest in investigative techniques to obtain the answers you need. Our team of investigators is ready to help private individuals solve child custody investigations, find the necessary info for family law matters, perform asset investigations, and provide detailed reports following background investigations.

We provide a wide range of investigative services, including:


Both video and in-person surveillance services are available around the clock.

GPS Tracking

Save time and money using GPS to track vehicles.

Asset Search

Discover financial movements and hidden assets to locate an individual.

Background Checks

Find background information about a specific individual with properly conducted background screening investigations.

Providing Child Custody Services to Greater Chicago Area

Our team of private investigators has been servicing Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area for decades. We also provide services throughout the United States and will travel where necessary if the case requires it. Discretion is a pillar of our services, and our Family Private Investigators can travel to meet you in person or discuss the case exclusively by phone or email. The service area includes the following cities and surrounding areas:

  • Entire Area of Chicago, Illinois – 60601
  • North to Waukegan, Illinois – 60079
  • Northwest to McHenry, Illinois – 60050
  • West to Elgin, Illinois -60620
  • Southwest to Joliet, Illinois – 60431
  • South to Chicago Heights, Illinois – 60411
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Success Story: A Nationwide Family Investigation

When family members go missing, nothing is more important than making sure they are safe. The matter becomes even more complicated when that family member has schizophrenia.


The family awoke one day to find their adult schizophrenic daughter was gone. At first, the absence was only mildly concerning, but as the hours turned into days without any word, it was time to take action.


The family reached out to Lawrence Ryan Investigations and we got to work. The information the family provided was vital to give us direction. For confidentiality, we can’t detail the investigative techniques that were employed. However, we leveraged all of our resources, including our nationwide network to quickly track down and find the daughter.


Fortunately, this family’s daughter was safe. She had moved across the country and legally changed her name in an attempt to change her identity. Our team tracked the leads we had and then combed through public records to determine what happened and pinpoint the daughter’s location. She had done nothing illegal, and just knowing their schizophrenic daughter was safe, brought the family the peace of mind they needed.

-Rebecca B.

What to look for in a Family Private Investigator

An investigation into a family concern can be a taxing experience. The family has to be prepared to internalize whatever truths are uncovered and then come together to address or confront them. A good family private investigator understands the potentially emotionally charged situation and proceeds with discretion and respect for all parties involved.

When a family investigation is being conducted, communication and transparency are essential. The party enlisting the help of the detective must disclose all the information relevant to the party or parties being investigated. Honestly answering all of the private investigator’s questions can save time and help direct the undercover investigator’s efforts for optimal results.