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Domestic Investigations in Chicago, IL

Child Custody, Missing Persons, and Infidelity Cases

Hire a personal investigator in Chicago, IL to assist you with your personal or legal situation.

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Private Domestic Investigation Services

Domestic investigations are a sensitive matter and need to be treated with respect and discretion. A personal investigator will work closely with you to understand your case and recommend the best path forward.

Learn how a personal investigator can be the cornerstone of successful domestic investigations.

Child Custody Cases

Nothing is more important than the protection and welfare of your children. LRI will arm you with the evidence needed to win in court.

Infidelity Investigations

Whether confronting a spouse or partner, building a case for a divorce, or child custody case, having ironclad facts is essential to winning a case.

Missing Persons

Quickly locate long-lost loved ones and friends, runaway minors, or debtors who owe you money. Reach farther than you thought possible.

Child Custody

A Personal Investigator can Deliver a Positive Outcome

A custody battle can be a strenuous on everyone involved. As investigators we keep the importance of your family top of mind. 


Families cannot afford to let domestic investigations get out of hand. Our team of private investigators work diligently to keep the process painless and more importantly to deliver the result you are looking for.


Work with a personal investigator to determine your needs and how our services can be of benefit to your case.

Child Custody Personal Investigator

Infidelity Investigations

Catch your Cheating Spouse or Partner

LRI knows how to find out quickly. Catching cheating spouses or partners is a standard practice of our domestic investigations.


This means that we’ll be very confident that some form of deceit is happening, and more importantly where it is happening, by knowing where your spouse or partner is every minute of the day before we even send a private detective out.


If you decide to move forward, our investigator will quickly confirm what exactly they are doing and who they are doing it with, pictures included, of course. Bottom line: You save money and find out quickly if you are being cheated on and deceived.

Infidelity Investigation Personal Investigator

Missing Persons

Time is of the Essence to Find a Missing Person

Finding a private investigator that has the experience and resources to find a missing person will be the difference between failure and success.


A cheap private detective will try to lure you in with over the top promises. When finding a missing person, you need more than local private investigators. You need a team that will go above and beyond, but more importantly you need a team that will be honest with you.


Your loved ones needs to be back home fast, learn how LRI can assist you in making it a reality.

Domestic Investigations Missing Persons