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Monetary Issues, Legal Claims, Forgeries, And Work Injuries.

Specialized investigators identify and eliminate any type of fraud in your organization. LRI Investigators can help companies prevent potential fraud, mitigate fraud threats and benefit from risk solutions to avoid fraud claims.

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Solutions to Discover Corporate Fraud

Not all investigation teams are suited to uncover corporate fraud and provide effective internal investigations to combat white-collar crime. In many cases, the fraud being committed is sophisticated and requires a level of knowledge your typical investigative team does not have.


LRI is a leading corporate fraud investigator in the United States with access to transaction fraud detection tools and other instruments to deliver a thorough fraud investigation report and effective solutions. Furthermore, we work together with our clients to establish customized preventative fraud measures. Following any internal fraud investigation performed by our specialists, companies will have clear answers to these most important questions:


  • “Is fraud in your organization taking place?”
  • “How is the fraud being accomplished?”
  • “Who is behind the fraud?”
  • “What can be done to stop the fraud?”
  • “What options are available to recover losses?”


Most individuals committing fraud go to great lengths to cover up their wrongdoing. Learn how LRI’s corporate fraud investigators can help your organization stop and recover from different types of fraud.


Common Tools Used in a Fraud Investigation


Both video and in-person surveillance available around the clock.

GPS Tracking

Save time and money tracking a vehicle with GPS.

Asset Search

Discover financial transactions to help you locate an individual.

Background Checks

Discover background information about a specific individual.

Fraud Investigation Case Study: Kickback Scheme Defrauds Company

Learn how LRI’s team of investigators uncovered a six-figure fraud at a multi-national firm.

Corporate Fraud Investigators available Nationwide

LRI’s investigation team is available to assist in investigations nationwide.


Depending on your investigation needs, our agency can perform the majority of the investigation remotely. Working remotely can save your organization money. Our experts use the latest technology and proprietary resources to uncover all common types of fraud and can go deeper into the investigative mission if they discover more complex situations such as identity theft, altered financial records, accounting discrepancies, insurance fraud, or the misappropriation of trade secrets.


If needed, our experts can come to you to perform in-person investigations.

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What to look for in a Corporate Fraud Investigation Firm?

A feeling of uncertainty is a common feeling to have when starting a corporate fraud investigation. Will you be able to catch the person committing fraud? Will you have the evidence to take action? Can you even recover your financial losses?


These are all common and valid concerns. To get these answers and more, you need a team on your side that is looking out for your interests and has the necessary experience and tools to combat tax evasion, and a wide variety of frauds, including investment fraud and internal theft. Before you hire a team of corporate fraud investigators, follow these easy steps to ensure you have the right team working for you.

Leading private investigators in the Chicago area.

LRI helps clients obtain the answers they need when they need them.


Our track record has been built on using state-of-the-art technology and proven investigation techniques. Following a thorough examination of company devices and processes, we can help any business owner with different aspects of the security and financial health of their business.


From in-depth employee background checks and business cybersecurity assessments to company searches for a successful business merger, our specialists have the knowledge, tools, experience, and passion to deliver impeccable investigative results and effective solutions.


Call our team of licensed investigators to obtain more information today!

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What to look for in a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator to find someone is an important decision. There are quality investigators that will do everything in their power to assist you. While there are others who will take advantage of your situation.


As a private investigator in Chicago, Illinois, we bring over 38 years experience to bear on one goal: discovering the truth for our clients. Whether catching your cheating spouse, winning a custody battle or divorce, or busting a stealing employee. See what our clients think of our work.