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Corporate Fraud Investigation

Workplace fraud costs businesses up to $50 Billion per year.

Never underestimate the opportunities for fraud in your business. From stealing office supplies to complex embezzlement schemes, estimates are that workplace fraud costs businesses up to $50 billion per year.


It’s critical to the financial security and reputation of companies to respond quickly and effectively to suspected or alleged instances of fraud or any other possible threats to the company’s financial health or breaches of security.


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Corporate Risk Management

Is your organization vulnerable to financial, reputation, or possibly criminal risk?

Failure to adequately scrutinize your internal and third-party business relationships – employees, vendors, and business partners – can expose your business to financial risk, reputation damage, cyber threats, and possible criminal liability.


LRI’s specialists can work with you to avoid or minimize your risk by developing a comprehensive strategy specific to your business needs. We work with every type of business entity and are ready to help companies prevent business fraud. Our team has experience collaborating with a wide range of business professionals looking to:


  • Prevent employee fraud
  • Uncover employee misconduct
  • Detect breach patterns
  • Investigate employee theft
  • Perform asset discovery & recovery


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Leading private investigators in the Chicago area.

LRI helps clients obtain the answers they need when they need them.


Our track record has been built on using state-of-the-art technology and proven investigation techniques. Following a thorough examination of company devices and processes, we can help any business owner with different aspects of the security and financial health of their business.


From in-depth employee background checks and business cybersecurity assessments to company searches for a successful business merger, our specialists have the knowledge, tools, experience, and passion to deliver impeccable investigative results and effective solutions.


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What to look for in a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator to find information or a person is an important decision. There are quality investigators that will do everything in their power to assist you, but there are also those who will take advantage of your situation.


As a private investigator firm in Chicago, Illinois, we bring over 38 years of experience to bear on one goal: discovering the truth for our clients. Whether catching your cheating spouse, winning a custody battle or divorce, or busting a stealing employee, our private investigators are ready to take on your mission and give you the well-deserved win.


We have a long and fruitful collaboration with various business owners and institutions who often hire our investigators when they need a bank account search, brokerage search, or intellectual property information.