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Is TruthFinder legit or should you avoid it

Is TruthFinder legit or should you avoid it?

With so many background check websites luring users with false promises and useless search reports.

It’s only natural to ask yourself if TruthFinder is legit, or is it just another website that provides unreliable information based on shallow checks and old, unverified information.

So, let’s find out everything there is to know about TruthFinder and get our answer to the question: is TruthFinder legit, or should you avoid it?

What Is TruthFinder?

Truth Finder is one of the many websites out there that provide background check services.

You only need the person’s first name and last name to start your search.

Founded in 2015, TruthFinder is a tool that offers people living in the United States the possibility to access public records. Their search engine goes through public records, including census records, arrest records, birth records, and court documents, and returns with reports that include a multitude of data, such as:

  • email address
  • address history
  • phone number
  • location history
  • family history
  • possible relatives
  • possible neighbors
  • education
  • social media accounts
  • web photos
  • criminal records
  • licenses
  • finances – including bankruptcies, forecloses, and evictions

This information proves to be useful if you want to gather background data regarding the people you know or people you just met and want to find out more about.

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Typically people use Truthfinder background check tool for:

  • people who want to look for family members
  • people who want to learn more about their dates or partners
  • people who want to track long-lost friends
  • people who want to find out contact information about particular individuals

However, TruthFinder also makes it clear how you can and can’t use the information gathered through their background checks.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is illegal to use such information to screen your tenants or possible employees. So, even if the background check comes up with a criminal record or any other information that might be alarming, this information can’t be used when making a hiring decision or assessing a possible tenant.

TruthFinder says they work to be transparent about the way you can use their information and makes sure you are informed regarding the legal limits that apply to background check services.

Is TruthFinder accurate?

TruthFinder is not 100% accurate because it is a search engine and not a private investigator, but it gets the job done for many customers. The software compiles the public data it gets access to and creates reports that include the available information.

However, due to circumstances, the team behind TruthFinder can’t control, some reports may be out-of-date or incomplete.

This usually happens when the public records are not updated or if the specific state or county doesn’t release documents to the public.

As expected, such situations may compromise the accuracy of the background check report.

Since TruthFinder’s activity is based entirely on public records, the information is as accurate as it can be considering the source.

TruthFinder doesn’t dig deeper than what the public record, criminal record, or any other type of document reveals.

While they do have a customer service team, they don’t have people to verify the authenticity of the data gathered.

This step of a background check is usually conducted by private investigators who take the time to go through the background report to verify the information and confirm its truthfulness.

How much does TruthFinder cost?

If you want to run a background check using TruthFinder, you will have to sign up for the service. Most people who signed up for TruthFinder choose the one-month membership that currently costs $27.78/month.

The one-month membership allows you to conduct as many background checks as you need.

TruthFinder offers access to a three-month subscription, too, with a monthly cost of $26/month.

There’s also the possibility of a phone number lookup plan that offers access to as many phone reports.

How much does TruthFinder cost

New 5-day trial membership gives users the possibility to run background checks for only $1.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind their membership renews automatically, so if you don’t want to use their service anymore, you need to cancel your TruthFinder subscription before the next billing date.

What do real customer reviews say?

As expected, the reviews are both bad and good. Some customers are disappointed with the results they get, claiming that they are not remotely accurate and have no base in reality, while others complain about the company’s subscription plan. Because most people search for just one individual’s information, customers would prefer it if the company would have a one-time payment option without forcing them to get a subscription.

What do real customer reviews say

Some customers also complain their cards have been charged by TruthFinder even after they’ve canceled their subscription. There are also clients claiming the background reports they got were outdated and unreliable and added criminal records to persons who haven’t committed any crimes.

What do real customer reviews say 2

One common complaint is the fact that TruthFinder uses unnecessary scare tactics.

They indeed give legitimate warnings, such as the FCRA compliance disclaimer, that have a role in informing and educating people regarding the use of background checks.

They also use misleading messages, such as the “potential shocking criminal information” and “potential graphic items” that may be contained by the respective background check report, which most of the time prove to be useless and there to add a “juicier” element to the report.

Also, many customers wonder why TruthFinder needs to add horoscope compatibility to a background check report? The website offers the possibility to check your compatibility with the subject of your report, which is an unnecessary feature for a legit and professional background check service.  People use TruthFinder to find sex offenders, criminals, family members, friends, and acquaintances, not to see if their future is written in the stars.

As we’ve mentioned before, TruthFinder is a search engine that compiles data, so it has its limitations. However, the company never claimed to be anything else. For more in-depth information, verified and accounted for, you should hire a private investigator. Private investigators have access to a more extensive database than TruthFinder and work with experts in the field.

Moreover, they can conduct advanced background checks and dig up everything there is to know about a person’s past, including their criminal history, civil records, credit record, employment history, federal background, and driving records. More importantly, the background report is verified, by a real person and every detail available is up-to-date and real.

Private investigators don’t limit their background check to just public records and internet searches. They can also conduct interviews to find out more about the subject of their investigation, and if needed, even use surveillance tactics to trace and localize the person of interest.

The bottom line: Should you sign up for TruthFinder?

It depends on what information you need and what’s the purpose of your background check.

If you’re trying to get a general idea about someone’s background, TruthFinder might help.

However, you need more than TruthFinder if you want a comprehensive background check to locate missing persons or prepare a legal case. In such circumstances, you need to hire a private investigator.

Private investigator firms have access to a much wider pool of resources than an online search engine. In addition, they know how to prepare a background check that can provide reliable information to skip trace, someone, to locate a person who doesn’t want to be found or to put together a case file admissible by a court of law.

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