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Win Your Case: Private Investigator Trial Preparation Services

Getting ready for court proceedings is emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. While law firms are doing their best to represent clients in an adequate, consistent way, they often lack the manpower to address all of the essential preliminary phases. This is especially true for complex cases that involve extensive evidence collection and the summoning of numerous witnesses.

The trial process consists of multiple steps and attorneys need to come up with a strategic action plan for each. From crafting the most convincing opening statement to presenting evidence and delivering powerful closing arguments, they may need help along the way.

Private investigators (PIs) have the skills and the resources required to enhance the trial strategy and support trial attorneys every step of the way.

In the following guide, you’ll discover important information about the work of PIs and how it can help you build a solid court case:

  • What’s the discovery process and what it entails
  • How private investigators gather evidence
  • Ways they can help with witness testimonies
  • Technology and procedures PIs employ to get the best outcomes
  • The importance of collaborative legal efforts, especially when getting ready for complex court proceedings

What Is Trial Preparation and How Does It Affect the Trial Process?

Getting ready for trial is an ongoing process that can last many months, in some instances even year(s).

The legal team starts working long before the few days preceding the trial. They study case details, build an argument, and put together all of the evidence, witness testimonies, and testimonies of expert witnesses that may be required to corroborate claims being made.

The period before a trial occurs is known as discovery and it is used by both parties to prepare for trial.

To break the process down in simple steps, here’s what needs to happen when legal professionals and their clients are getting ready to go to court:

  • The collection and organization of all the necessary documentation (evidence, depositions, pre-trial briefs and motions, jury instructions, direct witness testimonies, motions for summary, judgment, opening statements, closing arguments, record for appeal, if necessary, etc.)
  • Identification and summoning of expert witnesses for cross-examination
  • Paperwork review
  • Summarization of key evidence and witness testimonies
  • Identification of additional information and witnesses that could help strengthen the case

These steps are involved more or less in all criminal and civil proceedings. Critical documents support claims, increasing the likelihood of getting a favorable verdict. Such critical documents, however, can be difficult to come by and collect in the absence of skills and specialized investigative resources.

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Types of Information Private Investigators Can Help with

Saving valuable time during discovery allows trial attorneys to build stronger cases and represent their clients in the best possible way.

Renowned private investigators have decades of experience supporting trial prep teams in the creation of trial materials. Some of the main ways in which PIs can strengthen the case include:

  • Effective record retrieval process for both public and private records: PIs have access to all kinds of public records (marriage certificates, divorce records, mortgages, bankruptcies, etc.). They are also often capable of accessing older archives the general public may not have a chance to obtain or request the completion of the record retrieval process. PIs are also granted access to private records in various jurisdictions as long as they’re licensed by the state.
  • Proprietary database information gathering: These databases can be especially beneficial when trying to locate witnesses and summon those individuals.
  • Physical evidence collection and preparation: The correct collection of physical evidence prevents contamination and is an important part of a criminal process. PIs are trained to complete this process up to the highest legal standards.
  • Digital evidence collection: Advanced tools and skills work together, enabling PIs to collect valuable digital evidence. PIs often have to record interviews, carry out surveillance, and use advanced software tools to comb through large volumes of digital data. They can easily identify patterns and trends, connecting the dots and building a solid case alongside the legal team. Often, PIs will go through online platforms and social media for additional data collection. Needless to say, they’ll adhere to ethical guidelines – a process important to make the evidence gathered admissible in court.
  • Finding witnesses, conducting interviews: It’s the job of the PI to find people who may be difficult to locate. Their training and experience make it easier to gather witness statements. Private investigators can also run background checks on people, and they may even be expected to get statements from people who live far away or have proven notoriously difficult to contact.

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The Process of Gathering Evidence

Private investigators employ several specialized tools during discovery to save valuable time and support the courtroom story that the legal team is putting together.

Some of the most prominent methods and techniques that experienced PIs employ include:

  • Completing process serving when someone is proving difficult to find.
  • Interrogating witnesses (including intricate techniques like body language analysis) to help their potential clients build a case. Some PIs even work closely with law enforcement professionals on the gathering of evidence.
  • Locating and putting together critical documents like transcripts and records of pre-trial witness testimonies, paystubs, receipts, corporate documentation, crime scene photographs, and video clips. Some PIs have sophisticated audio-visual equipment, allowing them to bring in high-quality evidence like 4K-quality drone video.
  • Doing surveillance, even when the conditions are challenging for evidence collection through this method.
  • Going through camera footage, databases, and extensive archives for the extraction of valuable details or patterns of information.

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Witness Preparation and the Role of PIs

Private investigators can serve as expert witnesses and can also help with the collection of pre-trial witness testimonies.

Sometimes, working with people is even more challenging than extracting data and finding records. Some witnesses are very cooperative while others will be reluctant to get involved. It’s the PI’s job to approach these people at the right time and in the correct way, increasing the likelihood of cooperation.

Effective witness preparation involves many things – from asking the right questions to being instructive in the most cohesive way. Getting PIs involved in this process usually leads to superior litigation outcomes and cost-effective, timely analysis of both information and potential witness candidacies.

The Right Approach to Trial Preparation Matters – Let Us Help!

The cost of litigation is high enough and you simply can’t afford mistakes in court case establishment.

Our PIs have decades of experience working in the realms of private investigation and litigation support. We believe that assisting the attorney team is the key to empowering clients and warranting them the best representation in court.

Speed, integrity, accuracy, and empathy – these are the principles that guide the work of the Lawrence Ryan Investigations professionals.

Contact us now if you’re experiencing difficulties during the discovery process or if you’d like to speed up evidence gathering. We’ll do our best to understand the specifics of the case and offer the type of assistance bound to make a difference.

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