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Public Record Search Engines

Evaluating the Legitimacy of Public Records Search

A public record search is a great starting point to assess whether it is safe to maintain a personal or business relationship. For example, before committing to the relationship, you might want to learn more about your online date. Or you might want to research more to confirm your suspicions about a neighbor or a family member. Business owners can assess their partners and their business practices to avoid fraud. 

In such cases, people would turn to public record search engines to learn more about an individual. How reliable are they, and which details do they reveal? This post explains everything you need to know about public record searches and whether they are legitimate.

What Are Public Record Search Engines?

Public records provide important information about an individual. Such information is available online but isn’t always easy to access with basic web searches. The data is available on federal government agencies’ sites, so you would need to search various websites manually. A public record search tool pulls personal information from multiple sources with a few clicks, saving you time and effort. According to The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), obtaining such data is legal for American citizens.

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How Public Record Search Engines Work

Public record search engines help you retrieve personal information from different public databases and organize it into detailed reports summarizing essential details about an individual’s life. The information, such as criminal history, is public and available to anyone who wants to review it. This type of search tool saves time and effort due to its advanced array of features and access to vast databases. Public record search engines pull the data and organize it into comprehensive reports within minutes.

What Types of Background Checks Can You Conduct?

There are many different public record search services available online. While you can obtain basic information such as social media profiles and location using basic search engines, more detailed information is available with comprehensive background check services.

If you’re worried your romantic partner might hide something from you, you can easily obtain marriage licenses and divorce records. Additionally, you can check their birth certificate and driving records. The background screening process provides credit ratings, eviction history, property ownership, and arrest records.

This search method allows you to obtain detailed information about a person’s life. Public record search engines help you to perform background research, as well as enable you to find and establish personal connections with family members you’ve lost contact with.

It is important to note that public record search tools go beyond standard search engines. They can perform in-depth searches and provide insights into employment history, credit history, death records, civil court records, and professional licenses. Also, they allow you to conduct a criminal background search. Furthermore, search tools conduct deep web searches of sites not indexed by popular search engines. Donation sites and wedding registries fall into this category.

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Why Do People Use Public Record Search Engines?

Looking into online databases allows you access to information more detailed than just people’s social media accounts and email address. Access to someone’s birth certificate can help you verify their full name. The reports contain crucial information such as marital status, location, and birth date. This type of information allows you to easily confirm whether the information the person shares is correct.

Internet background searches provide a complete criminal record, revealing if the person has been involved in any criminal cases. This smart move helps you assess the risk and enhance personal security. Therefore, online background screening lets you decide whether to proceed with a personal relationship. In addition, you can reconnect with a family member you’ve lost contact with or find your biological family. You can also verify personal details and professional licenses to ensure you work with the right contractors or employees.

Search Public Records Review: Not That Accurate and Often Expensive

Background check websites provide access to details with a few clicks. Even though they provide a wide range of features to save time and effort, they come with drawbacks. The pricey monthly plans are one of the things that deter people from using online background check services. In addition, the limited availability of information and lack of real-time service can interfere with the results.

Expensive monthly membership

The convenience of using an online search engine comes with a price tag for every single report. The monthly membership can get pretty expensive, and you might be required to pay to use additional features to help with your search. The membership options start at $24 and go up depending on the site.

Limited availability

Public records search tools provide plenty of information online. However, they have restricted access to some data. The final report might lack information due to strict privacy policies. States such as California have strict rules on publicly available data, so background search websites won’t be able to obtain it. In addition, not all services have access to real-time data.

Prohibited for professional use

A public search can provide details about a romantic interest or a family member. However, their professional use is prohibited. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), using information obtained through these tools for loan qualification, employer screening, and credit processing is prohibited.

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Want Accurate Information? Hire a Private Investigator!

Even though a background search engine is convenient and easy to use, it might not be completely reliable. With outdated information and expensive membership options, this might not be the ideal fit for your specific situation. No advanced data algorithm can replace the skills of an expert investigator. When you’re overwhelmed by the abundance of information and question its accuracy, it is time to ask a professional for help.

A private investigator provides reliable background checks that reveal a person’s professional, personal, and financial history. They know how to obtain reliable and up-to-date information from public sources to help you assess romantic interests, family members, potential customers, or business partners. Working with a private investigator is especially important for business owners. Despite assessing the business partners, they can rely on employment screening services to ensure they have the right people in their company. 

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