Spouse is on Dating Sites

How to Find Out if Your Spouse is on Dating Sites

Find Out if Your Spouse is on a Dating Site

Nowadays, the concept of everlasting love is often threatened by numerous dating sites and online social platforms where people can interact, flirt, and have love affairs without anyone knowing about this.

We all want to believe that our partner would never betray our trust but sometimes the smallest changes in their behavior can make us ask the question we all fear to ask – “Is there someone else?”

Luckily, the answer is not impossible to find out. At least, not as impossible as an adulterer would like it to be. If your spouse is having an affair on a dating site, you can find out. Here is how:

Access their browsing history on shared devices

If back in the day, all you had were some love letters forgotten by mistake in a book, today the browsing history on shared devices will easily help you track the steps of your presumably cheating spouse.

Make a list of the most popular sites used by people to find love or…love affairs and see if you can find any of them in the browsing history.

We recommend keeping an eye on names like MarriedCafe.com, NoStringsAttached.com, FriendFinder.com that target married people who want to have an affair, as well as dating sites, such Match.com and eHarmony. You should target apps that encourage affairs like Vaulty Stocks and HAA and worldwide popular dating apps, such as Tinder. Generally, anything that has the words “match” and “love” in it is an alarm signal.

Remember! It’s illegal to access someone’s device without their express permission. Yes, we’re talking about potential criminal charges in this case. But don’t worry! There are other legal ways to find out the truth.

Google their personal details and profile photo

To make things easier, you should take advantage of Google, a partner you can rely on when it comes to finding someone online. Run a search using your spouse’s email address, name, phone number and see what Google or, as a matter of fact, any other browser has to say about them. You can use Google images and search for your spouse using profile photos you’ve previously downloaded from their social media accounts. They might show up in the search results.

Join the most popular dating sites and apps – for a test

You can easily create a test profile on these sites or apps, especially if you’ve found that your spouse is on dating sites. This way you can conduct your investigation from the inside. Type in your spouse’s physical features and location and see what comes up. It wouldn’t hurt to try and adjust your profile to meet the potential preferences of your spouse, so the site or app can match you two easier. This will work especially on dating apps like Tinder that allow people to meet based on location and similar search preferences.

If nothing works and you still have doubts, call a private investigator

A private investigator will certainly help you where Google failed. Sometimes, the old fashioned way to find out if your spouse is a cheater is the most reliable way! While the browsing history, Google and other online investigating strategies may provide hints and help you make assumptions, a private investigator will deliver irrefutable proof. And this is exactly what you need in this case!

Curious how an investigator can help you find a cheating spouse? Check out this article on how to catch a cheater.

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