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How to Find Birth Parents

5 Tips on How to Find Birth Parents

Everyone loves a good origin story. In 2017, DNA ancestry tests exploded in popularity. Moreover, three million people are currently subscribed to the genealogy website,

But for adoptees, the yearning to uncover their roots is more profound. Many adoptees seek closure from meeting their birth parents.

It can be a difficult and long process to find your birth family. And, it’s overwhelming to know where to start.

Five Pointers On How to Find Birth Parents

1. Prepare For the Search

Searching for your birth parents is exciting. You probably have tons of questions. And, you’re excited to get some answers.

But, adoption reunions can also be very emotional. It’s important to emotionally prepare yourself for your search.

Another way to prepare is by enlisting some extra help.

Many adoptees also hire a private investigator. It can take a lot of time and hard work to track down your birth parents. A trained PI can help you jump-start the process.

2. Talk to Your Parents

Speaking with your parents is an important early step in your search for your birth parents. It’s important to discuss your plans with your parents so you don’t catch them off-guard. Remember, this can be an emotional process for them as well.

Your parents can also provide invaluable information about your adoption. They may have copies of your original birth certificate. Or, they might remember details about your birth parents that can help you locate them.

They may also have contact information for the lawyer, agency, or social worker who arranged your adoption.

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3. Check Adoption Reunion Registries

You may be able to find your parents through an adoption reunion registry.

Adoption reunion registries are databases where birth parents and adoptees can make contact. Many states have government-run registries that connect consenting parties to one another.

Register for an adoption reunion registry in the state of your adoption. You’ll get a notification if any birth family member is looking for you.

4. Request Your Adoption Records

Requesting your adoption records can be an easy process or nearly impossible. It all depends on where you live and where your adoption took place.

Adoption laws vary by state. Some states have very strict rules regarding adoption records. While other states have open adoption records.

States with open adoption records allow adoptees access to their original birth certificate. Other states require birth parent consent to release records to an adoptee.

5. Call the Adoption Agency

You may need to do some research to find any information on your birth parents.

Start by talking to the agency or social worker who arranged your adoption. Many agencies don’t keep adoption records for extended periods of time.

But, they can help connect you with additional resources to find your birth parents.

How to Find Birth Parents: Hire a PI

Finding birth parents can be a long and difficult process. Depending on the laws in your state it can be hard to find records.

Save time and ease frustration with the help of a PI. They have experience and know-how to find birth parents quickly.

A private investigator can help you make the most of your search. Contact us to help you get started today.

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