Dating Background Check

How to Perform a Dating Background Check

Before you start looking for love online, you should carry out a few important steps to dig a little deeper.

The art of online dating continues to manifest in 2018. In fact, one-third of married couples met online.

More people are finding love through online dating apps, such as Tinder or Bumble.

Are you interested in finding love, but still curious to know how you can confidently date the right person? Something you can do to ensure your future love interest is being honest with you is to perform a dating background check.

Learn to take this essential step to find love online!

1. Perform a Google Search

One of the easier ways you can figure out what the person you match with online has hidden in their skeleton closet is to perform a Google search.

A lot can be said for Google searching the person’s name, as you can easily find their phone number, Facebook profile, address, college graduation info, and more.

Let Google do the work for you and determine if the person you are talking to is telling you the truth.

Even finding their Twitter account can provide you with insight as to how the lean politically or what they have to tweet about.

2. Having No Online Presence is a Reg Flag

If you do your own private investigation and there is nothing to be found on your potential love interest, be wary of these red flags.

Most people do have online profiles where they happily share moments between friends and family. Having no online presence is just uncommon nowadays.

You should avoid being catfished by establishing credibility with your online date.

No digital footprint can mean your guy or gal doesn’t feel like posting anything about his or her life online, which could mean trouble. Be sure to ask about this before you schedule your first coffee shop chat.

3. Check for Criminal Records as Part of Your Dating Background Check

Another key factor when online dating involves looking for criminal records.

If the person you are getting to know has a criminal past, you’ll want to delve further into what charges were brought upon them and how long ago they were up to no good.

Criminal records are also public knowledge for you to easily look into someone’s criminal past.

Looking for More Investigation Tips?

Performing your own dating background check can save you from dating the wrong people.

Of course, with any online dating, you need to be aware of the consequences of stalking anyone too closely. Remember to leave room for the other person to speak on behalf of whatever information you find from your search.

Sometimes you can find something in your search that doesn’t add up. Be sure to discuss any concerns you have with your date if you plan on moving things along in your relationship.

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