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How Infidelity Surveillance Can Affect Your Divorce

How Infidelity Surveillance Can Affect Your Divorce Case

Are you going through a divorce and suspect your spouse is cheating? Divorces can be a tough situation to go through, but if you have suspicions, they are worth following on up.

Getting a private investigator or someone to do infidelity surveillance and catching them in the act will help you win in court. Your assets such as a home, money, and children receive protection without you having to follow them around.

How can you ensure you’re protected? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about proving infidelity.

Using Infidelity Surveillance

Having proof of a cheating spouse is the only thing that is going to help you in the court of law. Knowing and having proof are two separate things.

There are several things a private investigator can do to catch an unfaithful spouse. This includes things like finding old communications on the internet or other things on a shared computer.

They can find hotel records or bills, trail behind them when they act suspiciously or ask for confessions of those close to the individual.

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How Does it Help?

Having proof from infidelity surveillance can help when it comes to settlement time. An unfaithful spouse in line of work that would frown upon infidelity is more than likely to settle for less.

Having an affair can cause detrimental monetary damage. If the person outside of the marriage that is participating in the affair does not have much income, it makes for a good argument.

The spouse that is cheating is responsible for taking funds that are part of marital assets. The money used on hotels, gifts, dinner, or whatever they spent it on, is part of a marriage agreement. That means that the non-cheating party deserves compensation.

Adding Individuals to Discovery

If there is an unfaithful spouse, the more evidence built against them, the better. Building a solid case, such as what assets were used during the affair and who was involved or aware helps to get the party to settle.

You can have the participating party of the affair subpoenaed, as well as anyone who may be close to your spouse and could have knowledge of what went down. Typically, when someone is subpoenaed, they don’t want to be involved and your cheating spouse will receive a call from them wanting out.

All of this is designed to give your spouse motivation to settle outside of court without burdening those around them. If you don’t have the proper infidelity surveillance or the proof that any of this happened, it won’t matter when applied to your case.

Hire Today

If you’re aware of an affair, or are pretty sure your spouse is having one, the safe thing to do is to hire a private investigator to help you out as soon as possible. The more time they have, the better the case they can build.

Cheating spouses don’t want the world to know about their affair, and don’t want to have an adultery deposition done on them. Settlement is often the conclusion in cheating spouse divorce cases.

If you’d like to get help today, contact us.

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