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Cheating Wife Surveillance: What Not to Do

Cheating spouses are sadly more common than you would think. According to Compare Camp, 20% of married couples in the United States have encountered infidelity. That number may sound low but consider married couples who have never found out about their spouse’s infidelity. The General Social Survey published that 20% of men have engaged in extramarital affairs compared to 13% of women. 46.9% of men admitted the infidelity within a week, and 48% stated to have eventually admitted it as well.

There are some signs of infidelity inside the marriage. Some opt to act as if nothing happens, and others prefer to have the evidence before confronting their spouses. Infidelity is among the most common reasons for divorce. According to the American Psychological Association,  20%-40% of divorces are due to infidelity from either of the spouses.

Usually, people think that men are more likely to cheat on their spouses than women, but the reality is that psychology studies have demonstrated that they are equally likely to cheat.

Surveillance is often the strategy used for infidelity investigations. Catch your cheating wife and get the proof of infidelity you need. If you have suspicions that your wife is having an affair and you are doing surveillance on her, we provide you some tips.

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Cheating Spouse Surveillance: What not to Do.

When they suspect their wife is committing infidelity, most men tend to react and confront their wives immediately without actual evidence. This is one of the most common mistakes. You must gather solid proof before confronting her. But, remember, gathering the evidence by yourself, without a professional investigator, may get you into legal problems. Plus, you won´t have access to information or surveillance techniques that only a licensed professional could as an individual.

The search engine will pop infinite answers if you search online: How to conduct a cheating spouse investigation. Yet, not all of those answers are legal. Our recommendation is, don´t rush on doing all of what you found. Do your research, know what you as an individual can do without getting into legal trouble. Knowing that what you did or are doing will give you peace of mind.

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Each state has its own legal parameters. In Illinois, it is illegal for any person to access another person´s private data. Even for the spouses. It´s best if you hire professional help to gather all the evidence you need. In case you want to continue the spousal infidelity investigation on your own, here are a few things you need to know about what not to do:

  • Hack your wife´s password-protected accounts
  • Go through your wife´s phone or computer without her permission.
  • Record your wife´s phone calls that do not include you
  • Obtain cellphone records without her consent
  • Tamper her email
  • Trespass private property
  • Go through her messages or photos without her consent.
  • Look through her personal bank account movements.
  • Track your wife´s locations

If by any chance, you do any of the above, you will get into legal problems. There can be gray areas, but we don´t recommend you playing with fire.

If your idea was to get the evidence to the court, doing this will not only be a waste of time, but it will also act up against you.

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You´d be surprised to know that 58% of women in a relationship who had admitted adultery had to let their boyfriend/husband go through their cell phones. And 44% of women had to let their husband/boyfriend access their social media (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter…).

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What to do: Hire Private Investigation Services

How will hiring private investigator services help? Private investigators can help in multiple ways when doing these types of investigations. They will provide the client the truth they´ve been searching for. Having this expertise in your divorce case is almost crucial. How is it helpful to hire a private investigator in Illinois´s divorce cases?

  • According to Illinois law, divorce decisions are made “without regard to marital misconduct.” In other words, many divorce decisions, such as asset divisions, won´t be affected if one of the spouses committed adultery. However, if the spouse dissipated assets on a lover, the court will adjust the division of assets. This information can be gathered by a professional.
  • A cheating spouse investigator may also find evidence to help the client with the custody of your child.
  • Another advantage of hiring a professional investigator is that they will gather all the details necessary to help the client. With their skills, they can even find hidden assets before the division of assets with your ex-wife.
  • If you have a controlling wife, there is a high probability that she did surveillance on you during the marriage and divorce. A professional can get the client all the details about whether she used professional surveillance services or did something illegal while doing the surveillance herself.

A professional investigator can help you in multiple ways. Divorce cases are among the many cases of how this service can get the best outcome for the client. Find the truth of whether your wife is a cheater or not with an Infidelity Private Investigator. Get the peace of mind you need.

They can do more than just surveillance.

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Top Spousal Infidelity Private Investigators

Due to many factors, private investigators are a better option when doing spousal surveillance. Investigations executed by professionals are more thorough due to the knowledge, tools, access to technology, equipment, and resources. If you suspect spousal adultery, especially if you want to take this case to court for divorce, be careful with your actions. Don´t let the emotions or intuition overtake you. They might not just only harm your relationship but also affect you in legal matters. Investigations are delicate. Private Investigators will handle all investigations following legal measures and delivering you answers.

Hiring private investigators is the best and most secure way to obtain proof if your wife is cheating.

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