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Divorce Causes

4 Divorce Causes You Wouldn’t Expect

Everyone knows a couple that seemed perfect but ended up getting divorced. Unfortunately, divorce statistics in the United States remain high.

There are many reasons typically cited for divorce, but how can seemingly happy couples suddenly decide they want to live their lives apart?

Here are some divorce causes that you might not expect.

Having Children

Marital problems often start arising after the birth of a child. Obviously, this is not the child’s fault. It could have to do with the parents not spending enough quality time together.

When a child is born, it abruptly changes parents’ lives. They might feel overwhelmed with their new responsibilities and forget to take care of their relationships.

It’s very important for parents to maintain a spark in their relationship after childbirth. Hiring a babysitter and going out on date nights can help.

But you should also be aware of when the stress of raising a child is causing you to lash out at your significant other. This can start the deterioration of your marriage.

Technology and Social Media

It’s no secret that our tech devices consume our lives. We spend hours entranced by screens, and this can often lead to relationship issues. If you are not spending enough face to face time with your spouse, you start to devalue each other.

Be aware of how much time you are spending staring at your phone, laptop, or television. You should take advantage of your free time by spending some time with your spouse without technology to distract you.

On a related note, social media can also contribute to a relationship losing focus. When you are able to compare your relationship to others’ you often feel like yours is imperfect, which leaves you wanting more.

Social media also facilitates the temptation to be unfaithful. If you believe social media is causing problems in your relationship, you should step away from it.

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Major Events

Major events can inflict trauma on a relationship that is difficult to overcome. A death in the family, a serious accident, or some other life-changing incident can have profound impacts on your marriage.

If you feel strain on your relationship because of one of these events, you should seek counseling. Don’t let the problem spiral out of your control.

A Lack of Communication

Communication is the most important factor to keeping a relationship alive. But even if you think you and your spouse communicate well, there may still be some issues that you are not airing out.

Couples should fight, and they should talk about and reconcile their differences as often as possible. If your relationship is completely without conflict, you and your spouse may not be as happy as you thought.

Beware of These Divorce Causes

You may not realize that your relationship is suffering from one of these divorce causes until it’s too late.

If divorce is inevitable for you,  contact us as soon as possible.

We’ll do our best to ensure that you have the details and facts required so you can receive fair compensation for your hardship.

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