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3 Ways Private Investigating Firms Help Attorneys

Learn what private investigators can do for attorneys.

In 2017, attorneys nationwide processed over 300,000 cases.

The crime rate continues to soar in many cities. With such a workload, attorneys are under a great deal of pressure to get their work done.

But it is possible to make that task a little easier. By taking on additional help, some of the work can be taken out of an attorneys hands and put into the hands of experienced and professional private investigating firms.

So read on as we look at three ways that private investigators can really help attorneys.

1. Locating People

Private investigative firms have great experience in locating people. And sometimes this is exactly the type of expertise that an attorney needs.

It can be tough to continue working on the preparation of a case when the key to the whole case is a witness who cannot be located. Rather than have to chase around the country trying to pin them down, a private investigating firm can put their years of experience in this field to great use.

It may even be that you don’t know the name of the individual you are trying to locate. And once again, private investigative firms can provide their expertise in identification. This means that an attorney can continue to work the case without expending needless time and energy on trying to identify and locate a witness.

These same skills are also perfect if a subpoena needs to be served.

2. Evidence Gathering

Gathering evidence was never an easy task, but in the digital age, it has become even more complex.

Sometimes a key piece of evidence can be found on a social media page, but finding that evidence can be a long and laborious process. This is where having your own law firm investigator can take that burden out of the attorney’s hands. It allows a team practiced in this kind of research to take it on.

Electronic files are another great source of evidence in modern times, but once again the sheer amount of data and information makes finding the crucial piece of evidence that you need a real challenge. Private investigating firms have great expertise in both acquiring and analyzing emails, photos, and other documents.

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3. Locating Assets

The discovery of hidden assets is vital to attorneys but can be a long and arduous process.

An attorney who hires private investigators is hiring a team that specializes in searching for assets. This is a highly complex field; assets can be hidden in a wide range of ways. They may be tied up in hidden corporations. They may be stored in offshore accounts. Or it may be as simple as buying an expensive asset and then underreporting its value.

Private investigators can not only locate these hidden assets but can also help to prepare the report on these assets to be given to the court, freeing up the attorneys even more.

Private Investigating Firms Can Really Help

In the modern world we live in, private investigating firms can play a key role in helping attorneys to be successful.

Working as a team, a law firm and a private investigating firm can both focus on their areas of expertise. It makes for a powerful partnership that can only benefit everyone involved.

If you would like to find out more about the many ways that we can help attorneys, or for any other private investigating matters, then please do get in touch.

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