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What is a Advanced Background Check?

Advanced background checks and a complete criminal history report serve as invaluable tools for verifying an individual’s personal, professional, and financial history and current status. All comprehensive reports are not created equally, though. You must choose a firm that thoroughly searches both public and private information sources.


LRI utilizes a strategy that draws from multiple top-tier data sources to provide a comprehensive and accurate profile of the subject that our clients rely on to make important business and personal decisions.

How can Background Checks be used?

  • Locating an Individual
  • Business and Contract Due Diligence
  • Financial Disclosures
  • Personal Relationships
  • National Employment Screening
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • …and much more.

Can’t I use a Free Online Background Check?

Yes. You can use a free online criminal background check but you will find these reports will only give you limited data. Typically not enough data to help make an informed decision.

While searching for background checks, you might have come across sites like TruthFinder or Instant Checkmate.

Look yourself up and you will see that many times the information is inaccurate, dated, or incomplete. More importantly, you will find it is limited. Most of the free online background checks are simply databases that have scraped data off of public-facing websites, which can return incomplete and inaccurate information.

What can a Advanced Background Report identify?

comprehensive online advanced background checks

Identifiable Information

  • Address History
  • Alias Names
  • Criminal History
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email & IP Addresses
  • Business Affiliations
  • Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments
  • Relatives & Associates
  • Motor Vehicles, Aircraft, & Watercraft
  • Employment
  • Properties
  • Deceased Information
  • Professional Licenses
  • …and much more.

Best Background Check Services

Each day, LRI is helping clients uncover the truth behind entities and individuals.

Depending on the information that is available, LRI can create a tailored solution to meet your needs and budget.

How LRI’s Background Checks Services Different?

Our licensed asset investigators not only use the largest network of data sources in our searches to get public criminal records and data but also perform manual searches that allow us to give a higher level of certainty than typical data mining services.

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