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Lawrence Ryan Investigations is an industry-leading investigative, research, and cyber-defense services firm. We combine multidisciplinary expertise with cutting edge technology to gather critical intelligence so our clients can make better decisions and protect their interests. Based in Chicago, with our decades of experience, we have built an international network of resources to provide global investigative reach.

Litigation Support & Legal Process Services

Corporate Investigation & Risk Management

Personal & Domestic Investigation Services

Experienced Investigators

40+ Years of Experience Solving Cases

Locate Someone
Locate a Person
Discover where someone is located.

Need to find a loved one or someone who is evading you? Our investigators will handle each step of the process for you.

Find Hidden Assets
Find Hidden Assets
Uncover the location of hidden assets.

Our team of forensic data analysts will help you find assets both in the United States and Internationally.

Digital Forensics
Data Extraction & Spyware Detection
Keep your phone and computer data safe.

Our digital forensic experts can help you extract data from your digital devices as well as to detect spyware.

Background Investigations
Background Investigations
Obtain a complete personal background history.

Investigators go beyond publicly available information to obtain information on individuals.

Private Client Services
Private Client Services
Available in real-time, on a 24/7 basis.

Designed for high-profile clients that require a dedicated full-service investigation team to work on their case.

Need immediate assistance?

Call to speak with a licensed investigator. All calls are private and confidential.

Licensed Private Investigative Toolbox

Proven tools to give you peace of mind

Our professional investigators have an array of tools for finding the information to give you the undisputable facts you need to solve your problem.

Asset searches, background checks, GPS tracking, and surveillance are just a few tools available to our investigation team. Each case is unique and there is no template strategy.

As a leading private investigation firm in Chicago, we will work to find the most cost-effective solution to accomplish your goals.

Lri Private Investigator Toolbox

Asset Search

Leverage our vast technological and human network to locate assets nationwide.

Background Checks

More than a simple report. Each background check is verified by an investigator.

GPS Tracking

Using industry-leading geolocation devices, know when and where a vehicle has traveled.

Skip Trace

Find the whereabouts of any individual. All results are manually verified for accuracy.

Private Client Services

Premium On-Call Investigative Services

Access is everything.


Our private client services give individuals, businesses, and law firms access to investigators, researchers, analysts, and exclusive data sources.


Available in real-time, 24 hours, a licensed investigator will manage your case from beginning to end. The investigator will work with you to allocate the appropriate resources to ensure the highest probability of success for your case.


Please be advised that our private client services have a higher minimum retainer than standard investigation services.


Contact us for more details.

Digital Forensics

Recover Data and Protect Your Digital Devices

Afraid you erased images, texts, or other personal information? Do you think your phone has been compromised with spyware?


Utilizing state of the art technology, our computer forensic specialists are able to recover data from mobile phones and personal computers.


For some, spyware placed on a personal digital device is a real threat. Our forensic experts can detect and remove spyware from your devices.


Express service is available. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Chicago Based Investigators

Serving Nationwide

For over 40 years, LRI has been building its reputation as one of the most effective private investigative agencies in Chicago, Illinois.


Whether it’s missing person investigations, cheating spouses, corporate investigation, or process serving, our Chicago detectives have the skills and experience to get the job done.


Our team is comprised of former law enforcement, data analysts, researchers, and licensed investigators, allowing LRI to obtain results across the country and internationally.

Service Area Chicago Investigators

Investigative Services

Decades of Investigations Experience

Our private investigator services include criminal investigations, video surveillance, process support, litigation support, asset searches, child custody cases, wide background checks, surveillance services, workers compensation fraud, and cases for private individuals. A licensed and professional investigator is ready to assist you to obtain the answers you require.

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